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Residents' Stories

Learn how some of our residents decided to choose Clare Oaks for their future and how they feel about that decision today.

Chris Hall

"My story about deciding to make Clare Oaks my home actually began with the passing of my husband, Bill, at age 55 in 2002.

After a couple of years of looking at the poster about Clare Oaks that was on the bulletin board in the vestibule of St. Luke’s in Carol Stream, I was out for lunch and decided to come and take a look at what it was all about.

I was living at the time in an “active adult community” in Carol Stream. Unfortunately after living there for about 3 years, I realized that it was very isolating and I was feeling very uncomfortable about my future.

I met with a wonderful Sales Counselor who was very good at explaining what Clare Oaks was all about. I had some information about what a CCRC was because my parents were living at the time at a CCRC in Lindenhurst.

Since I was only about 59 at the time, I was really only getting information for future reference. But when I asked at what age you could move in, I was pleasantly surprised to be told that the age at the time was 55 (later to be changed to 62). I felt so strongly at that moment that I needed to make this decision sooner rather than later. I took a little time to evaluate my financial position and after some thought and prayer, I signed my papers to make Clare Oaks my home on August 7, 2006 at the “tender” age of 59, and moved in two years later, June 10, 2008.

In the total time since my first visit to the Little Red Building, I have never regretted my decision to move to Clare Oaks.

I really like it that this community is not a large community. Here we have the opportunity to know our fellow residents and have the feeling that someone cares about us besides our families. But it can also be said that Clare Oaks is a place where you can be alone, but not lonely. And that is true in every sense. When I open my door and walk into my apartment, I am truly home."

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