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Posted: Wednesday, November 2, 2016
By: Clare Connection

Dining Room Manager Makes Sure Residents Get Top-notch Service

At Clare Oaks, the servers in the dining room treat you like family. They know your favorite foods and beverages and your dining preferences. If you are on a gluten-free diet, they’ll point out the gluten-free selections on the menu. 

Dining Room Manager Antoine Randle makes sure the front-of-the-house staff provides residents with the best possible service—with a smile. 

“We always try to do better,” Randle says. “We want 100 percent of the people to be happy.” 

Randle supervises a staff of about 20 people. He tells them to put themselves in the place of the diners they’re serving and to view the diners as though they are relatives. 

“If someone likes to sit at a particular table, we seat them there,” he says. “If we know they have a favorite ice cream, we get it for them, or we order it if we don’t have it. We let the staff know which items are gluten-free so we are prepared. We like to provide that information so they don’t have to ask.” 

Randle says he trains his servers in how to respond if something isn’t just right. 

“If they don’t like the way their steak is cooked, our job is to get it to them as quickly as possible as they like it,” he says. 

A former employer at a small deli set an example for Randle in how to treat employees. 

 “He trusted in me and always gave me a challenge,” Randle says. “He really motivated me to do more.” 

Randle brings that same kind of management philosophy to his job at Clare Oaks. 

“I always strive to do the very best I can every day,” he says. “The effort you put into what you do will never fail you.” 

Besides giving diners the best possible service, Randle and his staff cater events such as residents’ special milestone birthday parties. They pay just as much attention to detail when catering events as they do when serving meals in the dining room. Planning may take several weeks, and Randle takes care to keep in frequent touch with the clients so that everything goes smoothly. 

“Communication is a big part of my job,” he says. 

Randle, who came to Clare Oaks four years ago, feels right at home working with the kitchen staff. He graduated from The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, where he learned culinary arts, and then worked as a hotel prep cook, line cook and baker. He also has previous catering and dining room management experience. 

People like Randle make Clare Oaks the warm, friendly retirement community that residents love to call home. It’s a place where residents are treated with care and respect, where everyone is gracious and welcoming, and where superior services and amenities add up to a comfortable, engaged and enriched retirement lifestyle. 

If you’d like to learn more, please call us at 630-372-1946 or schedule a personal tour of this very special retirement community.

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