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Cost of Homeownership


As a long-time homeowner, you’re familiar with all the well-known costs of homeownership like principal and interest on your mortgage, homeowner’s insurance, real estate taxes, homeowner association dues, trash pick-up, snow removal, and the list goes on. You’re also familiar with what it takes to maintain your house. Small things like replacing light fixtures, washing windows and repairing the result of the occasional small mishap are all reasonably inexpensive and manageable. It’s the major maintenance items that can really be a problem. For example, in the Chicago area:

  • The average roof replacement is more than $23,000.1
  • Painting an average ranch style house can run more than $5500 plus paint.2
  • The average cost to replace windows with vinyl is more than $12,000.3
  • Replacing your gas furnace with a new high efficiency unit can cost more than $12,000.4
  • The average cost for lawn and landscape maintenance can be more than $2,500 a year.5

The actual costs for maintaining your house may be more or less than these numbers, but the point is clear. The real cost of home maintenance can be extremely high if you’re faced with any major repairs or replacements.

All of this should make Clare Oaks an attractive alternative worth investigating. By choosing Clare Oaks, you put all of these costs behind you in favor of a lifestyle and financial position that is safe, secure and predictable. Just click here to schedule a personal visit, or give us a call at 630-348-9009.


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